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Woodbine Circle in Bridgeport
I would like to put a fence along the left side of my property. I'm estimating around 100 feet, on a slight slope. I think I want vinyl fencing.
Frenchtown Rd in Bridgeport
Cost and timing
Lawrence Street in Bridgeport
A driver smashed into my fence on the side of my home. I need an estimate for a new fence. Thank you.
Hawthorne Street in Bridgeport
Privacy and security
Park Ave in Bridgeport
I have a scope of work to erect a 10' solid board fence along our western border and both hedge and winged slats through an existing chain link fence. I can provide a specific scope of work. We are a non-profit agency with available accounts to fund this project but it must be bid to 3 companies and then sent to HUD for approval. Are you interested? Thank you.
Thorme Street in Bridgeport
Replace a metal fence and close off the backyard
Harmony St in Bridgeport
Wood fence installaion
Hickory Street in Bridgeport
Lindley St in Bridgeport
We want to get a pricing for white 6 feet privecing fence
Edwards Street in Bridgeport
Need to replace existing fence. Original fence installed by Orange fence many years ago
Anton Street in Bridgeport
We need a section of fence repaired on our property. The fence separates a school playground from a dead end residential street. The fence will need gate access to let in emergency vehicles if needed.
Huntington TPKE in Bridgeport
I am looking to replace old wooden fence which is about 7 panels wide.
Lakeside Drive in Bridgeport
We have a need for a WHITE Resin fence. Our neighbor behind us also wants to put up a fence so we are joining forces to combine our needs. We possibly have a neighbor on the other side who may be interested in putting up a fence "wall" as all three of us are effected by the building of a large house in our immediate vicinity. We all touch parts of our property with this new house, who also has a white fence. So we have a need, but we also want it to match aesthetically. So, there could possibly be three of us, with me taking the lead. We are looking for a company with experience who can come in and do the job for all three of us quickly and efficiently. The best time to meet us is later in the day, say 4pm. Please call me to schedule a meeting to come out and look at our spaces. Cost will be a factor!
Orange St in Bridgeport
I need a tall privacy fence to block off a side parking lot and a small frence for front yard in replace of hedges thanks
Alcase St in Bridgeport
I need fence repair. Have 6 panels of 6 ft stockade fence in bad shape. Need at least 1 new post and just about all the crossboards that the pickets attach to need to be replaced along with at least 20 pickets. The reason I have to do repairs and cannot replace is because I live in a Co-op and am grandfathered into having this fence. If it falls down i have to replace it with a 4 ft chainlink.. i just bought the property and prefer the privacy fence, so I am trying to do the main repair this year and then let it weather a bit and do the rest next year. I cant have it look like the whole fence was replaced... i would like to get a quote and most likely will get the work scheduled. Hoping to have it done by June 1st.
Homestead Ave in Bridgeport
Fence needed for privacy and for family pet coming soon. Getting estimates and the lowest price wins!
Stratford Ave in Bridgeport
I need an estimate to replace a fence
Poplar Street in Bridgeport
Need to replace existing fence - 130-140 ft
Laurel Ave in Bridgeport
Need estimate to replace part of my backyard fence and also an estimate to power wash and possibly restain another part.
Chopsey Hill Road in Bridgeport
I would like an estimate on a wooden fence for my yard.
Fleet Street in Bridgeport
Alexander Ave in Bridgeport
Good morning, I need an estimate for repairing at least 8 broken/rotten post in my vinyl fence, also the cost for install a new fence gate. Thanks.
Hansen Ave in Bridgeport
About 6 posts and 6panels.
in Bridgeport
I need sugestions and options for gated fence install for my rental property
Seaver Circle in Bridgeport
Need a small fence repair due to the wind. Looking for an estimate
Cleveland Ave in Bridgeport
Need a high, durable fence for my dog.
Brittin Avenue in Bridgeport
Hello, My current fence is falling apart. Looking for a quote on a new one. Thanks Sara
Wayne Street in Bridgeport
Need a new fence installed
University Ave in Bridgeport
Fence around house
Clark St in Bridgeport
Hazelwood Ave in Bridgeport
Need a new fence for my yard
Boston Avenue in Bridgeport
Post Concrete 6 Posts - 4x4x8' 12 Post Caps 12 Single Pickets - 1x6x8' 23 Rail - 6' Long 6 8' x 8' Panels 5 Gate Post Insert 2 Gate 1 Latch 1 Please send us a quote for the following order. We are pricing an 8' vinyl fence to be delivered on Monday August 1, 2016. Thanks Seth Voiron Fit Homes, Project Manager
Pearl Harbor Street in Bridgeport
Fencing around property.
Fairfield Ave in Bridgeport
I need fencing 200 ft and the polls to go withome it
Poplar Street in Bridgeport
I need to add an additional chain link fence in my back yard and also one in my front yard for a dog.
Grovers Ave in Bridgeport
Privacy fence, cedar, 200 ft.
Holland Hill Circle in Bridgeport
Want to know if you carry 6ft x 50ft 9 gauge galvanized steel chain link fabric fence. How much a roll. I want to fence in approximately 168 ft and also put slats in for privacy.
Homestead Avenue in Bridgeport
Older fence, one segment fell over in icy rain few weeks ago, looking to replace fence. 9 sections. Looking for a choice in style. Currently have basic flat planks.
Frenchtown Rd in Bridgeport
I want a vinyl fence for the back yard.
Brewster St in Bridgeport
Three panels at rear of property that divide the yard need replacement. I want to use vinyl panels . There are pressure treated posts existing that can be used for new panel attachment.
Madison Av in Bridgeport
I need over 220 ft of fence and 3 doors include in the 220ft
Dexter Drive in Bridgeport
Just wondering how much would be to install a dogwood fence style on my property
Savoy St. in Bridgeport
Hello, I have a black aluminum fence in the front part of my house and someone damaged 1 out of the 2 doors in my driveway. I would like to know if you can assist me with a quote on how much it will cost to repair the damages. Thank you for your help.
Overland Ave in Bridgeport
I would like to get an estimate on a fence going completely around my house.
Old Town Road in Bridgeport
Fix an replace some fence Also install some
Grant St in Bridgeport
This is an EPA site project in Bridgeport CT that requires a chain link fence and gate repaired. They are looking for vendors in the area that could go and take a look. A site walk will be set up for the vendors interested in this project.
Hooker Rd in Bridgeport
Front house fence
Montgomery St in Bridgeport
Looking for picket fence for a small backyard.
Grove Street in Bridgeport
Need an estimate on repairing or repacking an chain link fence on our church property.
Quinlan Avenue in Bridgeport
I have a large landing outside my front door. Instead of an iron railing, I would like a length of a good quality white vinyl fence installed on each side..
Old Battery Road in Bridgeport
We are having swinging driveway gates installed. We would like them automated. Thanks!
Holland Rd in Bridgeport
I am looking to replace wood retaining wall (with steps) about 12ft long, and about 3-4 high. I have pictures that can be e-mailed. thanks
Dande St in Bridgeport
Looking for a very basic cedar fence installed, 6 - 8 ft tall, 70ft long.
Queen Street in Bridgeport
I have an "L" shaped area where the fence is old and falling apart. Each side of the "L" is close to 60ft. I am looking at prices for a wooden fence with installation. Thanks Kevin
Frenchtown Rd in Bridgeport
I would like a privacy fence in vinyl but not in white, in a wood like finish.
Charron Street in Bridgeport
Need for privacy
in Bridgeport
I would like to replace old fence and install new.
Woodside Ave in Bridgeport
Looking to replace wood fence with vinyl.
Sylvan Ave in Bridgeport
We are looking for prices on privacy fencing for our home as soon as possible

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