Learn more about Orange Fence & Supply's recent work requests in Fairfield, CT
Lancelot in Fairfield
Fencing around my house
Benson Place in Fairfield
Have 4 sections of fence that came down. Need a estimate to: Replace Repair Or remove.
Reef Rd. in Fairfield
Estimate for back yard vinyl fence and double gate. Also picket fence in front of property.
Tahmore Place in Fairfield
Need to fence in backyard ASAP for new dog. Vinyl
Cross Highway in Fairfield
I'm looking for a quote to repair water damage/wet rot on the railing fence posts and trim along the 2nd floor decks on our Clubhouse. There are three decks with several posts on each that all have the same type of damage.
in Fairfield
We have two wooden fence posts that need replacing. They are not in cement. 6 feet tall with a wood cap. We have a paneled wood fence.
I would like to have an estimate for the fence.
Fairmount Terrace in Fairfield
Would like quote for white picket fence with pool gate locks.
Blaine Street in Fairfield
I have a wooden picket fence installed in 1990. We are constantly having it repaired. I would like to replace it with an Azek fence not a vinyl one. If you offer this product, I would like an estimate. The picket fence surrounds two sides of our property measuring 150 feet by 62 feet with a 36 inch sidewalk gate included and a driveway opening without gates of about 18" included in those measurement.
Knapps Highway in Fairfield
Looking for a fence for my front yard. Busy road for my dogs. Maybe something that can cross the driveway as well.
Lawrence Road in Fairfield
Need 12 sections of 6x8 wood stockade fence installed Need 3 foot gate installed
Greenlawn Drive in Fairfield
Looking for an estimate for fence installation at our home in Fairfield, CT. Yard currently has stockade fencing at rear and half of the north side of the home. We would like to enclose the entire yard up to the front side of the house to ensure privacy and securing our dogs.
Nepas Rd in Fairfield
We need a new fence installed around the perimeter of our house.
Margemere Drive in Fairfield
Need 112 linear feet, 6' tall, cedar privacy fence. Please email approximate price. I already have an appointment for this Saturday. Hoping you can call me sooner if possible! thanks!
Woody Lane in Fairfield
Looking to replace 2 split rail gates (1 single and 1 double), multiple posts and split rails. Need quote for cost of gates and posts (labor & materials) and for split rails (materials) .
Nonopoge Road in Fairfield
I have a 6ft vinyl privacy fence and need to have the 10 foot double gate replaced. How much would that cost?
Knollwood Dr in Fairfield
Looking to put a fence enclosing the entrance to our backyard on both sides of the house. Also want to build a larger run for our backyard chickens and looking for service to put in (maybe provide ?) the larger posts. Thanks
Greenlawn Drive in Fairfield
We have 2 dogs and a partially fenced yard. We need the entire yard fenced in to protect our pets.
High Streer in Fairfield
Looking for a permimeter yard fence quote for a personal residence.
Pell Meadow Drive in Fairfield
Seven posts need replacement, panels are OK, 5x5 Ceder posts
Woody Lane in Fairfield
Need a fence installed in the spring!
Windermere Street in Fairfield
I need to replace en existing privacy fence that is in disrepair. there are four and a half (+/-) 7' wide x 5.5' tall panels separated by 5"x5" posts. I prefer wood to plastic.
Verna Hill Road in Fairfield
Replace current locust split rail fence in back yard with permanent fencing that is pool code.
Nichols Ave in Fairfield
I have existing gate that I would like to have operate with remote if possible.
Chapel Hill Dr in Fairfield
Would like to enclose a tennis court with a 12' high chain link fence. thanks for your help
Woods End Rd in Fairfield
I need about 6 - 8 panels & posts fence installed
Stillson Rd in Fairfield
I'm a handyman that has been hired to replace 4 fence posts. Cedar 5x5x8' (4.5x4.5 actual). Do you have these available for pick up? Price? Thank you!
Brion Dr in Fairfield
Need a price for a fence. Thanks
Queens Grant Rd in Fairfield
Would like estimate to replace two small picket fence that boarders stone wall of our driveway. Approximately 9'8" section on each side of driveway with graduating pickets from 60" tall down to 35" section. Picket width is approximately 2x2" Thanks Lisa
Old Post Road in Fairfield
Stockade fence in back of property needs repair and replacment pickets. Gate hinge/ swing needs to be reset.
Nonopoge Rd in Fairfield
Looking for semi private vinyl fencing 4 or 5 feet. Need 271 feet of fencing in our back yard for the dogs.
Oldfield Rd in Fairfield
Need a gate redone and fence repair
Hemlock Hill North in Fairfield
I would like to quote to replace my wooden pool fence with an aluminum fence.
Sasapequan Rd in Fairfield
Privacy for our patio and back yard
Overhill Road in Fairfield
We need to replace about 14 sections of wooden picket fence along one side of our yard and then a panel with a gate. Can you please tell us what the options are and what the cost might be including installation. The current fence is old but we think the posts might be ok.
Oakwood Drive in Fairfield
Looking to do a 6" cedar fence
Blaine St in Fairfield
Looking to install a 6' vinyl fence
Blaine Street in Fairfield
My family and I have recently gotten a dog and we would like to get a fence for the back yard. The backyard is approximately 70x48. We would love estimates if possible. We aren't set on any certain type of fencing so we would like to see your options as well.
Sigwin Drive in Fairfield
Vinyl privacy fence. 2 gates needed
Brentwood Ave in Fairfield
Need Side fencing
Halley Avenue in Fairfield
I live in a condo and I have a back patio area where I want to put a gate up so that my dog can run around in the nice weather. However, the gate size I need is pretty big - 192 feet (width) - that is from 1 post to the other. I'm thinking a custom wood fence would be great. I can send a photo over if that would help.
Rena Place in Fairfield
Looking to replace existing fences that are broken and also put a fence in your front yard
Louvain Street in Fairfield
I need to replace 10 sections of old wooden fencing
Round Hill Rd in Fairfield
Looking for an estimate for a picket-type wooden fence for front yard
Hunyadi Avenue in Fairfield
Replace existing cedar fencing at rear of property
Carlynn Dr in Fairfield
Fence Repair/Replace
Bailey Rd in Fairfield
Looking for a quote for a fence I stall
Beechwood Lane in Fairfield
Pool Fencing
Oakwood Dr. in Fairfield
Adding on to existing fence to enclose whole yard.
Ann St. in Fairfield
Yard fence
Lakeside Dr in Fairfield
Replace an old fence
Alma Drive in Fairfield
Hi, There are a few trees to remove before the fence can be go in. They are not in the fence line, but it would make the tree service job much more difficult if it were in first, and I don't want to risk damage to the fence. I'm looking for an estimate basically to compare with the cost of doing it through another company I was referred to, or doing it myself.
Parkway in Fairfield
Need a replacement fence. This weeks gale force winds have knocked down a section that was rotted
Doreen Drive in Fairfield
I want to replace an old fence in the backyard i just bought. Need about 100 feet of fence total. THanks
Saint Marc Lane in Fairfield
Interested in an automatic driveway gate and matching run of fencing. Also would like quote for separate fence along property line.
Woodside Circle in Fairfield
I would like to install a 41' x 6' privacy fence. (white solid vinyl) existing cedar fence should be removed.
Prirmose Lane in Fairfield
Wood Fence is +10 yrs old and needs repair.
Roseville Terrace in Fairfield
Looking to fence in my whole back yard with privacy vinyl fencing with 2 gates to access back yard
Katona Drive in Fairfield
Need inexpensive solution for yard for active dog. Have 2 sides rail/chicken wire. need parts repaired, and 1 long side added with probably larger, maybe synthetic fence and gate.
Eleven O'clock Rd in Fairfield
Want to continue an existing fence around a pond
Black Rock Turnpike in Fairfield
We are a church and we need a privacy fence installed on one side of our property. I am estimating the length to be 75 feet long.
Old Post Road in Fairfield
Looking for a garden gate 2 posts cape cod picket style to be placed in a hedge opening approx 5 ft wide How does this process work Cindy Keefe 203-913/0787
Garden Drive in Fairfield
We are in need for a new 10 - 15 section fence repairing an existing fence and extending to property line
Glen Ridge Rd in Fairfield
Howard St in Fairfield
Chatham Road in Fairfield
Need fencing in my backyard for privacy
Taunton Road in Fairfield
Need to install fence from left rear corner of the house around the back to the rear right corner of the house.
Suburban Ave in Fairfield
I am looking for an estimate for a vinyl fence about 80' long
Shrub Oak Lane in Fairfield
Looking to install approximately 30 feet of white picket fence with a doorway along the side of my house.
Fairfield Woods Road in Fairfield
I'm looking for a fence to go around the top of my garage for decorative purposes, not to be functional.
Dwight Street in Fairfield
I need a wall or a fence to act as a barrier to stop grass, seed, and weeds from being blown into my garden whenever the grass cutter mows the neighbor's lawn. New cutter, powerful equipment, shoots everything into my garden and even across the driveway into a 2nd bed along my house foundation, creating needless work. Lower is better but I think I need at least 3' high x 50' long. 4' would be max.height. White vinyl (or PVC) would match neighbor's existing. My cedar property fence will soon need replacing, but not yet; 18 yrs old. Do you have an aesthetic solution?
Wilson Street in Fairfield
I want to put a fence enclosed outdoor shower
Redding Road in Fairfield
Purchasing a new home, existing pool doesn't have a fence. We have two children and our main concerns are installing a fence for safety.
Davis Road in Fairfield
We would like a fence installed in our backyard going straight across the back of our yard. Thank you Sophia
Mona Terrace in Fairfield
We would like to fence in our side property with a white vinyl fence. Approx. 85 feet of fencing and one 4foot wide gate.
Toilsome Hill Rd in Fairfield
I need privacy fencing for the top of a stone wall. Looking for a quote
Moritz Place in Fairfield
Looking for a fence quote - property line was recently staked out - privacy is a main concern - between my house and the neighbors - aesthetic is also a priority. Fence line is approx 124 feet
Sunny Ridge Ave in Fairfield
Replace 3 or 4 Barrette fence panels.
South Benson Road in Fairfield
Would like to get a quote to fence in our yard. Thank you!
Need to replace the existing fence in backyard and on side.
Rowland Road in Fairfield
Looking for a quote on installation
N Pine Creek Rd. in Fairfield
We are looking at the cost to replace our fence, which is currently a white wooden picket fence. Thank you!
Weeping Willow Ln in Fairfield
I need 2 3x6 vinyl gates can you please send me a quote. thanks.
Hawthorne Drive in Fairfield
I need to have a fence installed at my new home in Fairfield. There is an existing fence on the back of my property from my neighbor so I would just like to do the sides and front with 2 gates.
Pepperidge Circle in Fairfield
Need a new split rail fence.
Jeniford Rd in Fairfield
Hi, We would like to get a quote for a fence around the perimeter of our back yard. Thanks
PARK AVENUE in Fairfield
Adding privacy fencing to backyard in newly purchased home.
Sasco Hill Terrace in Fairfield
We'd like to have someone come out to quote us on a fence installation for our property.
OLD OAKS RD in Fairfield
I'm looking to replace 200ft of chain link fence with a wood privacy fence. I'd like the fence to be at least 6ft high. Thanks, Mike
Woods End Rd in Fairfield
Hi- we would like to repair existing fence and and add fence to enclose the yard completely.
Taunton Rd in Fairfield
Looking for a quote on installing a Vinyl Fence for our backyard.
Sterling St. in Fairfield
Hello, We have a vinyl fence in our yard (was there when we bought the house) and one of the sides has become crooked over the years. Not sure if it's due to the posts somehow shifting or the fence being broken, etc. Would like to get a quote to repair the fence. Email is the best way to reach me during the day but if you leave a message I can return your call. Thank you! Ashley
Tuckahoe Lane in Fairfield
Need privacy fencing installed around perimeter of property in Fairfield, CT. You installed fencing for my parents across the street several years ago and recently.
Old Spring Road in Fairfield
7 sec of 3.5 high pick it fence just fence no polls.
Forest Ave in Fairfield
Need to replace lattice on top of vinyl fence that was damaged by tree
Shoreham Terrace in Fairfield
We're moving into the house in early October-yard is partially fenced- interested in finishing it. Email is better! Thanks
Geneva Terrace in Fairfield
Need fence replaced would like vinyl fence but not white.
Wood House Road in Fairfield
We are looking for a backyard fence for a dog. I am typically available Wednesday afternoons or weekends to meet. Email responses are preferred. Thank you very much.
Applegate Road in Fairfield
We are looking to replace an old fence.
Casmir in Fairfield
Not privacy just containment on rock border of public golf course
Kings Highway in Fairfield
Large commercial fencing with gates for car dealership. please email to schedule appointment.
in Fairfield
Need estimate to fence in backyard asap.
Mayfair Road in Fairfield
Looking to get a quote on a vinyl fence (approx 300 ft) to enclose my backyard and keep the dog and kids safe. Do you have evening appointments for quotes?
Bennett St in Fairfield
Need to fence our entire property, partially for privacy, also to keep dogs in and present to the street with a charm in keeping with our cottagy feeling home. Additionally, will be installing a garden, with another more charming facade needed. Thank you, Ashley
Hillside Rd in Fairfield
Fence property damaged from Sandy storm, looking to replace it around the pool
Lota Drive in Fairfield
Looking for fencing on the sides of our home.
Adelaide St in Fairfield
We are looking for an estimate to replace the back and one side of our fence with cedar stockade and add a 4ft cedar picket fence with a gate in the front of our backyard to enclose it.
Fairfield Woods Road in Fairfield
Looking to do vinyl fence panels around the yard. Privacy 6ft or so around the back of the house and see through picket fence style up front.
Powder Horn Lane in Fairfield
We're interested in replacing our picket fence with vinyl fencing. 5 panels and two gates.
Stratfield Road in Fairfield
We need a 30-48 inch fence for our backyard
Toll House Lane in Fairfield
Replace old fence and have new fencing as well for dog who jumps high...interested in horizontal wood solutions...limited budget
Redding Road in Fairfield
I would like to set up an appointment to get an estimate to build a fence around our vegetable/flower garden. Thanks.
Bradley Street in Fairfield
I am looking to fence in my backyard with a vinyl fence. I am also looking into the possibility of a smaller, wooden fence in the front of our property. I work at Yale (I am a baseball coach) and most of the fencing around our athletics facilities are via Orange Fence so I figured I's connect with you guys for a quote...
Country Road in Fairfield
Estimate on backyard fence to replace chain link fence
South Benson Raod in Fairfield
Need back yard fence / privacy / small yard / prefer wood
Roanoke Ave in Fairfield
I need a price on 10' fence panels. If you carry them.

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