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Vicinity of Gibson Road in Milford
Looking for a quote on backyard fencing for privacy
Vicinity of Dale Drive in Milford
Have a chain link fence I need replaced. Posts are up and staying. Just need fence replaced.
Vicinity of Cooper Avenue in Milford
I need a fence installed down one side of my property ASAP. I am not sure about design I want. It is beach area and very windy. Part needs to be privacy and then can drop lower near Road. Cost is obviously a concern. My neighbor removed his fence and I need fence for my dog. My dog will jump low fence and the fence cannot be open on bottom because he will dig under it. I do need some advice on options.
Vicinity of Seaview Ave in Milford
Looking for a straight 60 feet of scallop shaped white fencing. To be installed straight at side of house.
Vicinity of Morning Mist Road in Milford
Old wood stockade fence is between neighbor and I. We are getting estimates for a new vinyl. 4-5 smaller 4 feet and 8-10 larger 6 feet panels. We want to get this done in the next 2 months. Email is best for me.
Vicinity of Elm St in Milford
Need a new fence/gates to replace existing wooden.
Vicinity of Todd Dr in Milford
Need to get an estimate for a vinyl 6' privacy fence on one side of our property, approx. 88' in length
Vicinity of Maplewood Avenue in Milford
Need fence and gate installed on side of backyard
Vicinity of Drexel Rd in Milford
Would like 6 ft vinal fence installed. Need about 32 feet
Vicinity of Undine St. in Milford
I am looking to build a fence for privacy and for my pets in the yard. I have a lot of over growth and trees on the edge of the property plus an old chain fence on one side, so I am also looking for advice what would be needed for the clean up and installation.
Vicinity of Jefferson St in Milford
I have an existing stockade fence that is falling apart. It is on 3 sides and I would like 4. I also want a walk through hate and a drive through gate.
Vicinity of Lookout Hill Road in Milford
Looking to get an estimate on vinyl fence repair and gate replacement. Thank you
Vicinity of Burnt Plains Rd in Milford
Looking to get a pvc white fence dividing the front and the back of the house. On one side of the house I'd like the fence to have an arbor way and on the other side id like it to have a door large enough to open and fit a truck into the back for further projects. I'd also like a cheap chain link fence along side the perimeter of one side of the back of the house that just has a chicken wire fence now that runs into the white fence dividing the front to the back.
Vicinity of Eastern Pkwy in Milford
I need an estimate for vinyl fencing for approx 88 feet of yard.
Vicinity of Eastern Parkway in Milford
Looking for estimates on vinyl fencing for backyard.
Vicinity of in Milford
2 unit rental property. Replace the fence and gates to the back yard on both units. Fence is driveway width on both proprtiies.
Vicinity of Tibbals St in Milford
Looking for a 6 foot wood panel fence to be installed on property. Roughly 120 feet of fence.
Vicinity of Mayflower Place in Milford
I need a repair on my existing fence. It is a wood fence. Thank you!
Vicinity of Pamela Drive in Milford
Wood fence around pool might have a few posts that are rotting. Please call in the afternoon. Thanks Al
Vicinity of Pascip Street in Milford
We have an existing fence but it is leaning and the footers and coming out of the group. Also a section of the fence is broken.
Vicinity of Home Acres Ave in Milford
Fencing of yard of residence
Vicinity of Todd Dr in Milford
We are interested in a length of privacy fence to separate our yard from a decaying fence on the neighbor's property that currently separates our 2 yards in addition to some shrubs and small trees. We have only lived here 2 years and do not know the exact property boundaries...as such do you folks, in addition to doing the actual fence installation, also offer the services of determining lot boundaries/arranging for a survey on this one side of our property? Thank you!
Vicinity of Rogers Ave in Milford
Replace wood fence lattice top 6x8 with vinyl
Vicinity of Mayflower Place in Milford
We need white vinyl fence along one property line with a gate that can open wide enough to allow a truck into the back yard.
Vicinity of Village Rd in Milford
I'm interested in a large pergola, about 8x8 or so for more shade on my concrete patio
Vicinity of Rogers Ave in Milford
Replace old wood fence 6'x8' lattice top with vinyl same size and style 80' long
Vicinity of TREMONT ST in Milford
Plot is narrow on both sides of the house and one side will need a gate.
Vicinity of Winthrop Ct in Milford
I need a new fence along the side of my yard. Would like an estimate.
Vicinity of High St in Milford
Privacy fence along the side of the house that would go along the property line to block neighbors view of our house and yard. I do not know specifically where property line is. I want to do this so neighbors can't complain about fence. they have a lot of their gardening pots that goes into our area. Please help!
Vicinity of North Street in Milford
Would 3/4 borders of back yard are fenced in--would like to fence the rest for privacy and so dog can't get out. Will need 2 doors in fence.
Vicinity of Cooper Avenue in Milford
We are looking for a residential fence installation. White vinyl (probably) with a scalloped look.
Vicinity of Clark St. in Milford
I have 2 panels of an existing PVC privacy fence that need to be moved (different fence company did not install correctly) and 2 or 3 panels that need to be added. Along with a gate to be installed that would intersect the existing fence .
Vicinity of Woodruff Rd in Milford
We would like to add some fencing around our yard and would like to get an estimate.
Vicinity of Orchard Road in Milford
Replace fence in back and considered a fence along drive way
Vicinity of Orange Ave in Milford
Pool being installed looking for pricing on fence
Vicinity of Caroline Drive in Milford
Need a fence in the back yard to keep in dogs. Either wood or vinyl with a gate. It must be low to the ground to keep dogs in
Vicinity of Eisenhower Drive in Milford
We have an existing fence that gates in our full back yard but would like to add additional fencing to gate in the pool area.
Vicinity of Sawmill Rd in Milford
Need an estimate to replace stockade fence. Anywhere between 57 and 60 sections 8 foot wide 6 feet high. Two gates one on either side of the house one of the gates is two piece to allow vehicle to drive in the backyard . Would like to get an estimate to replace .
Vicinity of Oxford Rd in Milford
I am wondering how much per linear foot your vinyl picket fences cost for supplies and labor.
Vicinity of LEXINGTON WAY N in Milford
Fence posts need to be relocated. Also may be some fence damage. Also, neighbor needs fence replaced or repaired.
Vicinity of Viscount in Milford
4' chainlink with greens privacy strips to surround a solar array.
Vicinity of Lewis Street in Milford
We need a new fence. It has been removed because it was wood and wrotten.
Vicinity of Judson Place in Milford
One side of fence is leaning. Not sure if it can be repaired or needs replacement. Would like to fix before winter comes.
Vicinity of Buckingham in Milford
Need a perimeter fence installed in front and both sides of house. 4 ft high. vinyl.
Vicinity of Housatonic Dr in Milford
Need to replace fencing on deck, privacy section gate and railings with fencing that does not require painting. White fencing
Vicinity of Hilltop Circle in Milford
My daughter Michele Olsson needs a stockade fence installed in her back yard and the old broken down one removed. She asked me to obtain an estimate for her as she is working full-time. Any chance you could meet me at her house Wednesday or Thursday this week?
Vicinity of RIVERCLIFF DRIVE in Milford
Chain link fence repair: two 63" x 44" gates have openings that need repair
Vicinity of Juniper Dr in Milford
Vicinity of %$ GREENFIELD RD in Milford
A price on a gate
Vicinity of Waterbury Ave in Milford
Vinyl 6FT White privacy fence around the perimeter of back yard to back corners of the house, approx 120 linear ft, one gate over driveway. We have a large do, so something sturdy is a concern.
Vicinity of Gulf St in Milford
Looking for a estiment for a black fence to surround our property and drive way ..
Vicinity of Magnolia Rd in Milford
I have an existing fence in my backyard, portions of which are in rough shape. I need to either repair what's there now or replace the entire fence. I'd like to get an estimate for this work. Thanks!
Vicinity of W Rutland Rd in Milford
Estimate to install stockade fence.
Vicinity of Harrison Ave in Milford
Vicinity of Vermont Avenue in Milford
Fencing in our yard.
Vicinity of Carlson Dr in Milford
New fence
Vicinity of Overhill Rd. in Milford
Vinyl fencing for a smaller rear yard.
Vicinity of Linwood Street in Milford
Vicinity of Chaucer Ct in Milford
Looking to replace the entire back fence. We are looking for more privacy.
Vicinity of Barton Road in Milford
Wanted a quote for a fence on one side of my house.
Vicinity of Elaine Rd in Milford
I would like a privacy fence installed
Vicinity of Pelham Street in Milford
Need tall cedar lattice privacy panels installed
Vicinity of Valley View Rd in Milford
I want to expand my garden which means putting up a new fence on the front side of my house. Estimated at about 25 feet of chain link fencing with a gate access.
Vicinity of Cedar Spring Road in Milford
Would like an estimate for 6 foot wooden fence to replace some existing fence and close in backyard.
Vicinity of Prindle Dr in Milford
1 section collapsed. 2 posts broken at ground level. Current section appears to be ok
Vicinity of Dewey Avenue in Milford
Hi - Need a fence gate with installation services to block the front of the house. Something simple with design would do... Thank you!
Vicinity of Dewey Ave in Milford
Looking to fence in my property from the front of my house to the rear of my lot with approximately 275 linear feet of 6' privacy fence and two 7' wide gates at the driveway. I would also need about 48' of 4' fence on the sides in front of my home.
Vicinity of Sunset Ave in Milford
Wind damaged stockade fence on about 80 feet of back yard existing fence, looking for estimate for possible replacement?
Vicinity of Carter Dr in Milford
Have 40 feet ,5 panels of 6' high dogear fence to replace.Old fence has been removed no gate needed.
Vicinity of New Haven Avenue in Milford
Backyard needs fence replacement to include side gate.
Vicinity of Maple St in Milford
Do you carry posts for split rail fence? I need a 3" x 6" x 7' post with three through slots thank you
Vicinity of Pelham Street in Milford
We need two privacy screens put up on either side of our house
Vicinity of Joyce Court in Milford
My white plastic/vnyl fence was damaged when a tree came down on it. I would like an estimate to get the fence repaired/replaced.
Vicinity of Atwater St in Milford
Replace existing stockade fence on two sides of my yard
Vicinity of Riverside Drive in Milford
I have a 10' x 20' fenced in pen, open top, partially attached to the house. Looking for some kind of covering to keep hawks from attacking small dog when left in pen, and part of it to be protected from the rain.
Vicinity of Kohary Dr in Milford
We'd like an estimate to fence in our backyard.
Vicinity of Pumpkin Delight Rd in Milford
Vicinity of James Street in Milford
Looking to fence in yard, currently have vinyl around perimeter. Also looking to gate off driveway. looking for estimate on both. Thanks
Vicinity of , Greer Circle in Milford
Need white vinyl on 2 sides of house and entire back yard chain link with gates for puppy
Vicinity of Elder St in Milford
Need a fence for our yard
Vicinity of Popes Island Road in Milford
We have about an 8 foot high chain link fence around a storage area at our marina that we just discovered someone has cut a hole into, only a small section would need to be repaired.
Vicinity of Broadway in Milford
I'm looking for a chain link fence 3'h x 29'L with 1 gate installed in a concrete patio.
Vicinity of Cornflower in Milford
I need a fence because I have a dog
Vicinity of Columbia Drive in Milford
Replacing our fence with a white privacy fence
Vicinity of Kohary Dr in Milford
I have 125' feet of 6' stockade fence that is 20 years old, I need a quote to replace with all new pressure treated fernce and posts, plus removal of the old fencing
Vicinity of Wilcox Rd in Milford
We would like suggestions on a fence and gate(s) for a backyard at our new home, including self-install options or professional installation options.
Vicinity of Morehouse Ave in Milford
Hello, We are buying a new house at the above address and need to fence in the yard. We haven't closed on the house yet but would like to get estimates ahead of time and plan the install for Oct. 21 or soon thereafter. That's our closing date. We have another company taking a look on Wednesday at 3:30 and were wondering if we could meet you around 4 as well? Please let me know. Thanks! Jennifer
Vicinity of Naugatuck Ave in Milford
Gate needed for a childcare center playground.
Vicinity of Welchs Point Rd in Milford
I am looking for a fence for my backyard for my dog. 2 of the 4 sides of my yard are fenced by fences from my neighbors. I am looking for a price on the in image #4 of the pictures you have online. (Tall Black Fence) Thank you.
Vicinity of Woodmont Rd in Milford
I need a 10 x 10 area fenced in, please call me at your earliest convenience.
Vicinity of Way St in Milford
Need fence, probably chain link between back yard and town owned lot. Primarily to keep dogs contained.
Vicinity of Avery Ave in Milford
Older fence needs to be removed and replace it with new fence.
Vicinity of Old Field Lane in Milford
You have installed fences for me before. I need to install some more of the same. Abut 200 linear feet of high fence. Appreciate if someone could come for an estimate. I need the work to be done ASAP. Animals are devouring my rather large garden. Thank you very much. Gabriel Halevi.
Vicinity of Cascade Blvd in Milford
We need to divide and re-purpose one of our rooms with a wired fence 14x14' approx. with a lockable access door; it will be one fence that splits the room in a half.
Vicinity of Mayflower in Milford
I broke my fence pole with a rock and there's a hole and I need to replace it, my mom is mad.
Vicinity of Fairwood Ave in Milford
There is an existing fence around the rear of the property, it's seen better days. I'd like to have it replaced but I'm not sure who's fence it is and I'm concerned about the rocky ground for posts etc...
Vicinity of Deerfield Avenue in Milford
Need to have a fence installed and a section of an existing fence moved.
Vicinity of Bryan Hill Road in Milford
Looking for a new fence estimation
Vicinity of Dalton Rd in Milford
New fence estimate
Vicinity of Bassett St in Milford
Would like to remove bushes & replace with fence. Also to keep th dogs in yard
Vicinity of Platt Ln in Milford
Hi, wanted to get an estimate for fencing my backyard. thanks.
Vicinity of Castle Lane in Milford
Backyard fence install
Vicinity of Lindy Street in Milford
Need a privacy fence along a portion of my back yard.
Vicinity of Andrews Ave in Milford
My neighbors installed a fence abutting my fence(it at least a 1' gap and they damaged my fence even more than it was - I tried to have the fence co remove that section when installing but they didn't want to work with me. I need part of the fence removed and a portion of the fence repaired it is vinyl
Vicinity of New Haven Avenue in Milford
Need 10-11 segments of a picket fence replaced along the property line - adding some sections as well. converting from french gothic 4 ft picket to 6-8 ft privacy panels on one side of yard. Other sections of french gothic may need replacement.
Vicinity of Home Acres in Milford
Closing on a property in about a month near the mall in Milford, CT. Looking to fence in the rear yard with about 375' of 5' tall fence. considering either vinyl coated chain link or wood. reasonably flat lot. layout is staring from house corner: 5', turn 90, 150', turn 90, 50' with gate for lawnmower, turn 90, 150', turn 90, 10' with walking gate, end at other side of house. We will be having a survey and staking done prior to installation.
Vicinity of Alden Court in Milford
We need one side of our yard to be fenced (roughly 100 ft.), and we need our chain link gate replaced.
Vicinity of Old Field Lane in Milford
Interested in replacing ~117 linear feet of cedar panel privacy fencing that has deteriorated over the years. Also interested in replacing and extending a section of split rail fencing to enclose a side yard.
Vicinity of Mayflower Court in Milford
I need more privacy . I have a budget . I need something that is low maintenance.
Vicinity of Pearl Hill Street in Milford
Would like a quote to install 6 ft wood stockade fence in back yard.
Vicinity of Farley Rd in Milford
Unsure of what style fence we are allowed to have (corner lot). Unsure of exact property line and possible tree removal before a fence can be installed.
Vicinity of Kerema Ave in Milford
Hi - I would like an estimate for replacing chain link fence around my property with a 6ft vinyl privacy fence. If possible, best time would be after work (6pm) or if not possible, anytime after 1pm on Thursday afternoon. Thanks!
Vicinity of GRANT STREET in Milford
Vicinity of Acorn Lane in Milford
I am looking to get a fence between my neighbor's house and mine. Looking for a quote for a 6 ft high vinyl fence. White and brown. Roughly 50ft of fence that would go in a straight line. No doors or gates needed.
Vicinity of Shelter Cove Rd in Milford
Pool fence
Vicinity of Saranac Road in Milford
Approximately 60 ft of 4ft high white fencing and approximately 120 ft of 6ft high white fencing
Vicinity of Seaflower Road in Milford
I have a stockade fence that is rapidly falling apart and I need to have it replaced. Also, there is a portion of the house that is currently not fenced in that I want to get an estimate on finishing with possibly a different type of fencing so my dog can still see the street, etc.
Vicinity of Rosebrook Road in Milford
Both left and right side neighbors have white vinyl privacy fences. I would like to get a privacy fence along the back side of property and lower fence in the front...2 different types.
Vicinity of Tulip Tree Ct. in Milford
We're looking to block off our backyard/side of house with a fence, would like an estimate. Thanks
Vicinity of Merwin Avenue in Milford
Need a side lot line fence on the south side of the lot. We have a boundary survey. Want a very low cost fence to mark the boundary with neighboring lots.
Vicinity of Strawberry Hill Rd in Milford
Hello! I had a fence put in around July, 2014, around one of the sides of my pool. Part two to this project is now to replace two other sides of the pool area with new fencing.
Vicinity of Pearl Hill Street in Milford
Interested in replacing our existing fence which is falling apart. looking to see what the costs would be for your services vs doing it ourselves.
Vicinity of Broadway in Milford
We would like to install a fence in the backyard area of our newly purchased home.
Vicinity of Dalton Road in Milford
Looking for partial fence installation in Milford. We have two existing vinyl fence sides and will be having some trees removed to complete the fence. Thank you!
Vicinity of Crescent Drive in Milford
Would like an estimate (price and time) to install a 6 foot high solid vinyl fence along side property line. Approx 100 feet in length. Currently there is a 4 foot high picket fence in that location. Thank you
Vicinity of Ranch Rd in Milford
Would like to fence in pool area and yard.
Vicinity of Stevens St in Milford
Purchased a house with an old fence that is leaning in one portion. Would like to get pricing on a new fence around the property
Vicinity of Nolan Terrace in Milford
We have a 1/4 acre lot and would like to replace the fence that surrounds the back yard - so about an 1/2 of the yard. We want to add a gate on both front sides of the house. Nothing fancy but sturdy - we want the gates to work well. Thanks for your thoughts.
Vicinity of Village Road in Milford
We currently have a cedar fence that I do believe you may have installed for previous owner. The fence is currently leaning in certain areas. No longer straight. I would like a quote on a repair. I work Monday through Friday but can meet you at my home at any time as I'm only 5 minutes away.
Vicinity of Avon Street in Milford
Im looking for a fence to surround my side yard. We will soon be getting a larger dog. There is an existing fence on the side which will need to be removed but I do not want to remove much of the existing bushes, although there will need to be a fnece in that location as well.
Vicinity of Green Street in Milford
Looking for estimate to cover repair of wooden fence, including damaged slats and gates.
Vicinity of James St in Milford
The lot is roughly 35x57 ft. I will need 2 gates, one on the back of the lot and one for the driveway on the side of the house. I am undecided if I would like to just do wood or a vinyl fence.
Vicinity of Kenwood Road in Milford
I am looking to have a fence installed to keep my dogs in the backyard. Looking for 3' high fence, my dogs range from 5 lbs-14 lbs.
Vicinity of Hillside Ave in Milford
Approx 100 ft Vinyl fence
Vicinity of Wolf Harbor Rd in Milford
We have an existing dumpster enclosure with (3) pair of existing gates that were made of lumber/siding. Would like a price to replace with something a little more user friendly but decent looking
Vicinity of S Kerema in Milford
Would like a quote for fencing and a gate
Vicinity of Old Field Lane in Milford
Looking for estimate for 6' privacy fence with two 4' gates, south side of property line.
Vicinity of OXFORD RD in Milford
Vicinity of Elder St in Milford
We would like a 6 foot fence to keep our dog in the yard. He is 100 pounds and has jumped in above ground pools before. We think a 6 foot fence would be tall enough. We are flexible in the type of fence. Our yard is approximately 0.25 acres. Thank you!
Vicinity of Berkeley Ter in Milford
We would like a hand railing installed on our front steps (3 steps total).
Vicinity of Sunnyside Court in Milford
Vinyl Fence with sand/beige pickets/slats with white post and border.
Vicinity of Milford Hunt Lane in Milford
Looking for pricing on a 4 ft fence for my backyard. With one double gate.
Vicinity of Old Point Rd in Milford
Would like to get quote on fencing part of our yard.
Vicinity of W. River St. in Milford
White Vinyl split Rail Fence 2 and 3 rails 205 feet
Vicinity of Hoover St. in Milford
Need new gate and fence in front of the house by the driveway
Vicinity of Maxwell Drive in Milford
Need 3 gates, sort of an odd shape to cover by driveway. estimate of 160 linear feet of fence, inclusive of the 3 gates. (2 eight foot and 1 four foot)
Vicinity of Cricklewood Rd in Milford
I need to install a fence, that still gives good visibility into the pond to the back of my house, but keeps the dogs PUT! I really hate the look of chain link, but might give the best visibility. Either way, would like an estimate on what it would cost! Thank you
Vicinity of Odell Ave. in Milford
Would like an estimate for a 3 foot double swing gate to go from wood fence to house, seperating back hard from side yard. Needs to match our driveway alumin gate installed by you 2-3 years ago.
Vicinity of Hemlock Drive in Milford
Hello, I am interested in a scalloped wooden fence. What is the cost per panel? Please email me for I work from 9-5pm. Thank you, Justine
Vicinity of Grand Street in Milford
50 foot continuation of current fencing. Pine trees currently "fence" side of property. Back fence is vinyl Veranda solid fencing and would like it to match. I will remove trees prior to fence install. Thanks
Vicinity of Anderson Ave in Milford
Hi I am looking for a quote for a wood stockade or vinyl fence for one side of the width of our backyard. The front and sides are already fenced with chain link fence, but we are looking to add a taller stockade fence to separate our yard and create privacy from the house directly behind us. I look forward to hearing from you.
Vicinity of Yale Avenue in Milford
Lots of weeds from neighbor's yard
Vicinity of Lexington Way N. in Milford
I have several missing posts along my fence that need to be replaced.
Vicinity of Pond Point Ave in Milford
I am looking to fence in 3/4 of my property please call me for more info
Vicinity of Milesfield Ave in Milford
We would like to match a preexisting fence and finish fencing off the property
Vicinity of Beavebrook Road in Milford
Supply and install 25 ft of composite fencing ( 15ft on the south side of my residence and 10ft on the north side)with a gate on each side. 6ft in height
Vicinity of Gulf Street in Milford
Remove 300 feet of old fence that is overgrown with ivy and replace with 4-6 foot t&g ceder fence.
Vicinity of Elder St in Milford
We are interested in a 6 ft fence for our property. Thank you!
Vicinity of Stagecoach Circle in Milford
1 straight run of 6' white vinyl fence up a hill for 97'. 1 gate added to existing fence
Vicinity of Milford Point Rd in Milford
Like to install a fence
Vicinity of Canterbury Lane in Milford
Want to get existing chain link fence removed and replace with vinyl privacy fence
Vicinity of Carmen Road in Milford
I need to replace a broken wooden stockade fence with an affordable option, possibly chain link. The section is about 25' long and includes a gate for entry into the yard. I am anxious to start this project as soon as possible.
Vicinity of Tower St. in Milford
We would like to install a tall vinyl privacy fence across the back and one side of our property - replacing a metal chain link fence in the back and older wood fence on the side. We believe it is approximately 190 ft.
Vicinity of Lyda Drive in Milford
Estimate for fencing
Vicinity of Anchorage Drive in Milford
We are looking for estimates on 6ft cedar privacy fences. if you install, we are also interested in getting a quote
Vicinity of Bassette St in Milford
Need a new fence in back yard
Vicinity of Kerry Court in Milford
I would like two quotes, 1st for replacing existing fencing around back of yard and add more to completely enclose back yard (Shed on left side of house would remain outside of fencing. Would like to go from side of garage to where existing fence is and from deck in back on right side to where back fence is. also add 1 gate for back yard access. 2nd I would like a quote to just add wood fencing 5 feet high 6ft wide from deck to existing fence and from side of garage to existing fence. All fencing would be wood, but you can throw in pricing for vinyl fencing. I need to enclose back yard for dogs but may only be able to afford the add t existing fencing and next year redo all fencing. depends on quote how much I can do. Main goal is to enclose back yard for dogs.
Vicinity of North Street in Milford
Want to put up a 6' cheapest/durable fencing for property line. I am going to be getting that side of the land surveyed soon so I would like to have the work done on the same day as survey if possible
Vicinity of Central Ave in Milford
We are looking to have a new fence installed on one side of our property, as well as 2 new gates.
Vicinity of Housatonic Drive in Milford
I have 21 sections of 8'picket fence that is almost totally rotted which I'd like to replace if possible with something that requires little to no maintenance. The posts however are solidly in the ground and don't really need to be replaced. Can you suggest a way to make this look better using the same posts if possible?
Vicinity of Devonshire in Milford
I have 45 feet of fence to be installed the yard is a little uneven in that area. I can using dxisting posts from old fence and i already have panels.
Vicinity of Magnolia Road in Milford
I have an 11 year old vinyl fence that has several broken/cracked posts. I would like to get the posts replaced. Also I would like for the gate to close more tightly.
Vicinity of EASTERN PKWY in Milford
Looking for fencing along the back side of my property.
Vicinity of Saranac Rd in Milford
Looking to get an estimate for partially fencing the backyard
Vicinity of Anderson in Milford
No concerns just looking to get a fence installed.
Vicinity of Seaside Ave. in Milford
Remove and replace 150 feet of 6ft stockade fence. One corner. Level ground.
Vicinity of Lucille Drive in Milford
Expanding the fenced in area of our backyard

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