Learn more about Orange Fence & Supply's recent work requests in New Haven, CT
Vicinity of Castle St in New Haven
A small piece of fence at the entrance to the driveway was hit by a flatbed their insurance agreed to pay for the repairs and i need an estimate for them.
Vicinity of Westwood Rd in New Haven
We are interested in a cedar decorative fence for a front yard facing the street going from one end to the other of the property.
Vicinity of Yale Ave in New Haven
I'd like a quote for a wood fence for my backyard.
Vicinity of Wolcott St. in New Haven
I am looking to install a driveway gate either in vinyl or chain link. Most likely looking for a double gated entrance .
Vicinity of Whitney Ave in New Haven
Need fencing for small garden on two sides. Approx 60 feet of fencing required as it is already fenced on two sides due to neighbors' installations.
Vicinity of Lowin Avenue in New Haven
We would like a newer 8' stockade fence.
Vicinity of Burr Street in New Haven
A tree went down on school property and broke part of our chain link fence. We are looking to get it repaired. And eventually looking to replace the fence with a more updated look.
Vicinity of Elmwood Rd in New Haven
We ordered some four foot fencing and gates from you about two years ago to finish off the existing fencing of our backyard. Last Sunday's storm damaged two sides of the existing fencing and we'd like an estimate for replacing all or part of that existing fencing (i.e just the damaged parts, or replacing the whole thing so that it all matches).
Vicinity of Valley Street in New Haven
Tear down and replace backyard fencing.
Vicinity of Weybosset St in New Haven
To replace an old fence that is within my budjet
Vicinity of Vista Terrace in New Haven
I had a tree limb fall on my chain link fence and I need it repaired. It is 48" vinyl coated black chain link. All the posts are ok, but I need (2) 21' sections of top rail, new fabric (aprox 35'), a few new post eye caps, and tension wire along the bottrom (although the existing wire might be re-usable). I need a quote for parts and labor. I'd be happy to email a photo or two.
Vicinity of Quinnipiac Avenue in New Haven
I have a white picket fence. I would like to replace 5 of the wooden picket panels with 6 or 8 foot tall criss cross trellis panels or privacy fence. I need an estimate.
Vicinity of Foster St in New Haven
Looking to install a ~3ft chain link swinging gate in one area and ~10ft of wooden fence (two segments connected at a 90 degree angle) with a door at another area
Vicinity of Dyer SrTreet in New Haven
Our backyard fence is broken. It has gaps. We had people trespassing
Vicinity of Carmel Street in New Haven
Need to replace a back yard wooden fence. Would like a quote.
Vicinity of Hobart St in New Haven
Fence is broke off hinges
Vicinity of Westerleigh Rd in New Haven
Vicinity of Bassett Street in New Haven
Vicinity of Lyon Street in New Haven
We are interested in putting in a fence along one side of our backyard that currently doesn't have a fence. It's about 75' and we're thinking of half-height fence of some sort, with one right angle to a 10' section at the end of our driveway with some sort of gate. We'd be interested in learning about options and getting an estimate. Thanks!
Vicinity of Hobart St in New Haven
Hello I am interested in a fence that is good to look at as well as providing privacy at an affordable price.
Vicinity of Concord St in New Haven
Vicinity of West Elm Street in New Haven
We are looking to gate off the end of our driveway/backyard.
Vicinity of Cedar Street in New Haven
I would like a guote on a gate repair.
Vicinity of Cora Street in New Haven
We have an old pressure treated wood fence surround our small yard that needs replacing. We are interested in the two-tone fence (though I don't remember if it is pvc or vinyl). Does it come in gray/white? Thank you
Vicinity of Chapel Street in New Haven
We would like to enclose our backyard for the dogs.
Vicinity of Ellsworth Ave in New Haven
I have a small driveway with tenants that park in back even though I tell them not to. I want an all electric sliding gate to block the driveway
Vicinity of Burr Streeet in New Haven
I am looking to put up a fence not very big would be to different sizes, and the main one would have to be a door that swings open.
Vicinity of Aner St. in New Haven
Interested in 6ft chain link fence approximately 80 feet and driveway gates.
Vicinity of Beacon Ave in New Haven
There's an old fence that halfway broken . I would like it removed and replaced with vinyl fences
Vicinity of Fountain St in New Haven
Hi, Please call me asap as I need to build a fence on my backyard and I need a price and time estimate for your company. Are you able to come this week, preferably tomorrow or friday? Thank you, Raman
Vicinity of Downing ST in New Haven
Yard area is open and there is a need for privacy.
Vicinity of Curtis Drive in New Haven
Need an estimate on a vinyl white fence
Vicinity of ELD STREET in New Haven
My chain link fence was destroyed in a storm. I need it replaced. Anne Stone Please call for an appt to get an estimate a.s.a.p.
Vicinity of Fountain Street in New Haven
I'm interested in an estimate to fence my backyard for privacy, security and aesthetics. Some of the post holes have to be hand dug.
Vicinity of Cleveland Rd in New Haven
I'd like to replace the chain link fence around the approximately half of my property with an update, nicer fence. There are 2 tree stumps that would need to be removed to complete this job.
Vicinity of Bishop St in New Haven
I'd like about 100ft of 6' shadow fence (pressure treated naturally) installed (we have a current fence that needs replacement). I'd like a quote for materials only, and a second quote for materials + installation.
Vicinity of West Rock Avenue in New Haven
We have a wood fence and two gates surrounding our property that needs to be checked for stability and for the need for repairs.
Vicinity of Wintergreen in New Haven
Need two electric sliding security gates, 6' tall. First 25' wide, second 16' wide. With security badge access.
Vicinity of Colony Road in New Haven
Looking for a gate for our driveway entry to the back of our house.
Vicinity of Curtis Drive in New Haven
We have a fenced yard but there are a couple of spots where there are gaps under the fence, along with one piece of the fence that is broken. We recently got a puppy and are hoping to be able to let him loose in the yard but before we do so we need to fix all these issues. Looking for a quote to do so!
Vicinity of Whalley Avenue in New Haven
Need a fence
Vicinity of West Elm St in New Haven
Need a small fenced in yard
Vicinity of Davis St in New Haven
Install cedar fence with gate 4 1/2-5 ft high
Vicinity of Lilac Street in New Haven
A Fencing project
Vicinity of Fairview Avenue in New Haven
We need a wood fence put up
Vicinity of Burr St in New Haven
Would like a quote on new fence
Vicinity of Westr Elm St in New Haven
I want to make a "play area" for my pup! I have an electric fence, which is great for her, but not for play dates!
Vicinity of Elm Street in New Haven
Hello! I'm interested in replacing a section of fence on my property. The fence that is currently there is old and kind of disintegrating. I would estimate that it's about 45' of fence, at about 4' tall. Your company installed the other sides of the fence and it would be nice to have it match - wood, spaced picket fence, that seems to be in 6 or 8' sections. My neighbor and I are working on this together and she my want to install a gate at the end near her house, but it depends on the price. Thanks for your help! Best, Lesley
Vicinity of Whittlesey Ave in New Haven
There is a section of my neighbors fence that was broken by a family member. I am looking for a quote to repair a 8'X6' section. Thank you for your assistance with this matter.
Vicinity of Dwight Street in New Haven
I have two fence panels and posts (high and wooden) that are sagging and bowing because of the force of the wind over the years.
Vicinity of Stuyvesant Ave. in New Haven
I am looking to put a 5ft. chain-link fence around my backyard.
Vicinity of Lenox St in New Haven
I would like to get a quote for a new fence around my house
Vicinity of Davenport Avenue in New Haven
Need to get a quote for one of my properties. A fence is required at the front entrance.
Vicinity of Bradley Street in New Haven
Privacy fence that has style and is low in cost.
Vicinity of Dixwell Ave. in New Haven
I need a fence for a small parking lot. I just demolished one of my houses and I not quite ready to erect anything at this time. I'm taking estimates from paving company's. so,come spring I'll be ready to get fenced in. I would like to see what you have in a commercial type fencing. Thanks.
Vicinity of Everit St. in New Haven
2 cedar gates have collapsed. Replacement not cedar. #1 6'h x 36" opening. #2 needs to be 42" high with 52 opening and enough fencing to span a total of 32'
Vicinity of Mourning Dove Circle in New Haven
We are looking for a fence just over waist high to fence in our back yard. We would like a fence with rails to keep an open look and the fence needs to be white vinyl as we live in an a association and those are the rules. the rough estimates are: length of yard 35 feet; width of yard 47 feet.
Vicinity of Hervey Street in New Haven
I would like to put up a fence between my home and my neighbors home. Can we set up a time to talk about it at my home? Karen
Vicinity of Springside Ave in New Haven
We are looking for an inexpensive split rail type fence,maybe used if possible, to install in an outdoor space to protect an area we would like to be revegitated. We would install it ourselves. It really doesn't have to be anything fancy, but at least 4ft high, but not obstructing of the view. Thanks Keith
Vicinity of College Street in New Haven
Need to install a 24'x10'chain link fence with a 4'gate in the lower parking garage.
Vicinity of Morris Ave in New Haven
6foot wood fence, two gates (people gate). total length 120 feet roughly. Prefer cedar heavy gage, Thank you, Ramzi
Vicinity of Yale Ave in New Haven
Looking for estimate for driveway gate and smaller side gate. Open to wood, iron, or other suggested material based on pricing. Thanks
Vicinity of Crown in New Haven
Our small fence offers no privacy, so we need something better. It's at the font of the house and will only be around 15 feet long
Vicinity of Ellsworth Ave in New Haven
Looking for estimate for 6 to 8 foot fence for rear and right side of property (Right if your facing house.) Pressure treated wood or vinyle
Vicinity of McKinley Ave in New Haven
We want to replace the existing fence on our property.
Vicinity of Howard Avenue in New Haven
Need a new walk in gate, repair broken corner and replace drive way gate iron that keeps gate closed.
Vicinity of Wooster Street in New Haven
We have a wood fence that we would like to replace with a vinyl fence. Thank you.
Vicinity of Nelson in New Haven
Want to fence in the yard to allow my dogs to run around. Trying to get prices to decide if I will do it myself or pay for a company to do it.
Vicinity of Canner Street in New Haven
75 foot of chain link on one side On the other side, cedar fence and gate and replace with aluminum or iron fence and gate
Vicinity of Woodward Ave in New Haven
Vicinity of McKinley Ave in New Haven
I'd like a quote for a fence.
Vicinity of Concord St. in New Haven
I'm looking to fence in my back yard. 150-175 ft of privacy fencing +gate needed. I'm pricing out having it installed vs. doing it myself. Thanks!
Vicinity of Russell St in New Haven
I need a sliding fence installed about twelve feet in length on the rear of my house.
Vicinity of Russell St. in New Haven
No real concerns just price checking estimates on a possible fencing in the front of my home. small about 3 ft tall white picket fence with gate. wooden
Vicinity of Willard St in New Haven
We would like a 6' privacy fence-white vinyl with lattice at top installed in our backyard. Length of fence would be ~40 feet.
Vicinity of Palmieri Ave in New Haven
Need a quote for privacy fencing for a backyard as well as a gate by driveway.
Vicinity of Porter St in New Haven
Looking for a repair estimate on a chain link fence in the rear yard. A tree branch fell on the fence. Thank you.
Vicinity of Wolcott Stb in New Haven
Want to put a chain-link fence in the front of my house for privacy and protection
Vicinity of Beverly Rd in New Haven
Had a estimate from you folks a few years ago..want to scale down project a bit..want to get horizontal fence prefer cedar.. from right side of house to property line then down the length of back yard.the split rail fence you put up a few years ago still looks great
Vicinity of Alden Ave in New Haven
I have a lattice fence in my backyard that is approximately 75 linear feet x 8ft high. The paint is peeling badly and some of the lattice is broken. I am trying to decide whether to fix or replace it.

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