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Wilson Ave in Norwalk
Need to replace existing wire fence with square trellis panels
Silvermine Ave in Norwalk
Looking to get approx 175' of fence installed. No sure if I want to go plastic or wood. Fence that needs to be replaced is in a stone wall.
Plymouth Ave in Norwalk
I was wondering if these fence I have up now can be repaired or do I need to get a whole new fence.
Rome St in Norwalk
Need fence installed in back yard
Midrocks Drive in Norwalk
Back yard fencing
Burlington Dr in Norwalk
Need to replace a damaged wood privacy fence
Autumn Street in Norwalk
During one of the recent storms I had a neighbors tree fall through and damage a section of my vinyl fence. Is it possible to replace just the damaged section and keep the same design?
Wolfpit Ave in Norwalk
Provide and Install: New White Vinyl Picket Fence; 178 LF; 4 Gates - 1 Double and 3 Single Gates at 4 different locations. Remove existing
Esquire Rd in Norwalk
Need to put a fence up for our dogs. House to border and then a mesh barrier around the perimeter...where an exisitng, somewhat delapidated fence is.
Suburban Dr. in Norwalk
We have a 4' black vinyl covered chain link fence want to raise it to 6' and add more as well and covered it with mesh covering
Devonshire Rd. in Norwalk
The garden enclosure collapsed during the recent storm. We want to replace it with a black chain link fence that is 7 feet tall.
Felix Lane in Norwalk
Storm damage has destroyed fence and needs replacing
Cottontail Road in Norwalk
Visit and discuss new fence install and quote. 4 ft high, wooden. Thanks,
Winthrop Avenue in Norwalk
Our picket fence fell yesterday during the storm. We're looking for repairs and possibly replacement as it is older and in rough shape.
Flax Hill Rd in Norwalk
Replace old wooden picket with white vinyl picket (4 ft height,) 8 ft lengths x 12 sections =. 96 feet total 9 line posts with caps 3 end posts with caps 1 small gate 4 ft height with latch
Suburban Drive in Norwalk
Soundview Ave in Norwalk
Looking to have privacy fence installed. 7 foot would be ideal. Am available monday, wednesday and saturday after 2pm. Please let me know what time works best for you.
Privacy on one side of an oil tank would need something about 5 feet wide 6 foot high raised slightly off ground for more height important color not white something close to my siding or something in a brown
Carol Drive in Norwalk
I have a home daycare and desperately need a chain link fence surrounding my play area.
Cedar Crest Place in Norwalk
Looking for vinyl fence install
Newtown Ave in Norwalk
Need to replace my side fence in my yard Has a single gate and a double gate Would like done ASAP!
IRIS COURT in Norwalk
I need 80 feet of vinyl, lattice top, privacy fencing. I need all the posts, wood inserts, hardware and a 4 foot wide gate for entrance. Cement too. Thank You
Stonecrop Rd in Norwalk
128' of 5' high privacy fence w/ two 4' gates, installed
Ingalls Ave in Norwalk
I own a preschool in So Norwalk. the fence around our playspaces does not close properly.
Scribner Ave in Norwalk
I would need a wood fence or a chain link fence it's for a daycare
New Canaan Ave in Norwalk
Replacement of 2 PVC Doors
Suburban Drive in Norwalk
Trying to figure out a partial fence for a large section of my yard
Barjune Road in Norwalk
I have a partial vinyl fence, and would like to replace the rest of my yard with vinyl fencing.
Ledgewood Drive in Norwalk
215 linear feet of vinyl fence in L shape for privacy
Winfield Street in Norwalk
We are looking for a 50 foot vinyl fence with a 6 foot gate, that will run from the side of the house to the edge of the property. It is on a slight hill. We are interested in wood grain vinyl in grey. Can we purchase the product and self install?
Winfield Street in Norwalk
Can we purchase and install ourselves? Do you carry wood grain vinyl?
Newtown Ave in Norwalk
Vinyl privacy fence in back yard needed and existing wire fence removed same day
Walter Ave. in Norwalk
Need to replace one vinyl picket scalloped fence panel and one line post.
Soundview Ave in Norwalk
Privacy fency
Paradiso St in Norwalk
Dairy Farm Rd in Norwalk
Remove 43 Ft of used 6' white PVC fence & re install/relocate on new posts along property line. ​​​​​​​​ Install 91 Ft of New 6' white PVC, (match as best as possible) with 1-gate (used/existing to be relocated) along driveway & road. (Need to confirm setback) Includes concrete footings Includes removal of wood fence
Main Ave in Norwalk
We are a company Russell Speeders Car Wash we are looking for a quote on a chain link fence around the porperty if you can please give me a call to set a date and time I would highly apprecaite it. Thank you
Steeple Top Road in Norwalk
Approx. 190 feet of chain link type fence with one gate
Juhasz Rd in Norwalk
Fence in back yard damaged in recent storm. Needs to be replaced and looking for estimate.
Splitrock Road in Norwalk
We would like to get an estimate for a fence for our back yard. Mostly to create a safe area for our dogs. We are thinking a 4ft black aluminum fence and gate. We also need two gates - wood for our exiting deck.
in Norwalk
I need to install a fence at my new house. The purposes of the fence are twofold, first to contain my pets and second to create a measure of privacy from the busy road on which we'll live. We do not like vinyl, so I assume we'll opt for wood. I would like it to have some decorative feature, so it doesn't look like a prison yard -- maybe a simple lattice topper? I don't have exact dimensions, but I think we'll need roughly 100 linear feet with two gates. Can you please provide an estimate for what I've described? Thank you, Leslie
Winnipauk Dr. in Norwalk
Hand Railing for front entrance.
in Norwalk
Chain Link Fence
Oak Street in Norwalk
Need to replace really worn wood fencing with vinyl fencing. We would require two gates on each side of our house and a gate, if possible, a gate to the side street of our house. Also, do you do financing or payment plans?
Wolfpit Avenue in Norwalk
Part of existing very old 6 foot stockade fence needs to be replaced with a 8 foot privacy fence. Part of existing fence came down in a storm a while ago. Would like an estimate please. Thank you.
Forest Hill Road in Norwalk
Wood split rail fence with gate in on the left side of house. Several posts need to be replaced and larger gate needs to bee installed
Wayfaring Road in Norwalk
Need existing fence moved asap. current wood fence is approx. 65ft (8panels). need moved to newly found property line 1-8ft from current location. please contact if available. thank you
Phillips St in Norwalk
I need 2 gates for the front yard of my house. I just need something very non expensive.
Arnold Lane in Norwalk
New fence installation quote for pet containment.
Winthrop Ave in Norwalk
Want to get a visit and quote on removing and replacing our fence.
Belfor Rd. in Norwalk
Just want to get a quote on a 6 ft fence around our back yard.
West Ave in Norwalk
I need an estimate please for 440 lf of 6' tall vinyl privacy fence in forest green color. Please email me an estimate asap. Thank you. Agnes
Winfield Ct in Norwalk
I am in the middle of purchasing a new home. We are closing on 4/8. My dog will be arriving on 4/9 and I need to figure out my fence to keep the pup safe! I am looking at multiple options of how to fence the property whether it be partially or fully. The driveway cuts through the middle of the property so we will have to figure out how to fence around it, or fence out at the street and include a swinging gate. I have a copy of the schematic that I can send to you so that we can discuss my fencing options. Thanks.
Murray Street in Norwalk
I have a rope holding one of my 5" x 5" cedar post in place. Would like to know if it worth fixing or replacing my fence.
New Canaan Avenue in Norwalk
We are buying a house with a short fence in the backyard. We have a large dog who could easily clear the fence. We would like to put in a 6 foot fence that keeps our dog secure and creates a private backyard environment.
Assisi Way in Norwalk
I have a door that covers our oil tank that needs to be replaced. Also a small gate and side fence near the oil tank. On the other side i need a small gate replaced and a larger section that can be removed replaced. This is a small job but i need someone to take care of it. Thank you,
Channel Ave in Norwalk
Looking to install approx 150 feet of split rail fencing as well as 2 doors though fencing. Also, fence door on side of house as well. Thanks, Chris
You installed a picket fence for me approximately 13 years ago. Need 4 new sections that I will have someone install for me. Can you give me the cost per section
Main Ave. in Norwalk
Needs pricing for 3 areas that new install & 1 area for repairs.
Bonnybrook Road in Norwalk
Openings on both sides of the home - would like to have fence installed on both sides facing the street - looking to add - one regular door on one side and car width door for other side
Roton Ave in Norwalk
Looking to replace our wood fence with PVC/vinyl
West Cedar Street in Norwalk
Looking for a 16' driveway gate, I think sliding gate is my only option as they're is an uphill so double gate would be high of the ground. Looking for aluminum gate thx
West Cedar Street in Norwalk
Looking for a 16' driveway gate, I think sliding gate is my only option as they're is an uphill so double gate would be high of the ground. Looking for aluminum gate thx
Crocus Lane in Norwalk
Looking to fence in backyard. Would like one gate for walking in and one gate for driving in. Roughly 320 feet of fence. Prefer wood privacy fence.
Winnipauk Drive in Norwalk
Lookomg at stpckade fence for levl flat yrd and 2 gates about 105 lonear feet total.
Bouton St in Norwalk
We are the site contractors for the Darien Turf Field Expansion Project We would like a quote for the fence to be installed.
Calf Pasture Beach Road in Norwalk
Hello - I live in Norwalk, CT and we need to put up a new fence around our property before the end of the month. We also have a small shed that needs to be moved. We can be available Wednesday (tomorrow) evening after 6pm or all-day Thursday or a quote and consultation. Many thanks, Meredith
Bonnybrook Road in Norwalk
Looking to install fencing for front of the house - to include one regular door and one car size swing gate
Gray Squirrel Drive in Norwalk
Interested in a privacy fence to separate our property from the neighbor's.
Roland Ave in Norwalk
I am looking for a quote to replace 19 sections of fence that surrounds the back of the house. The current fence is white wood, 6' high with a 1' trellis on top of it. Looking for fiberglass replacement. Thanks

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