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Vicinity of Summit Drive in Orange
I am working on clearing out brush and then need to put in some new higher fencing to reinforce a current pool fence(for inground pool) because it is not high enough to prevent the dog from jumping out. I am looking at different options and what prices might be. I want wood along the back fence to the woods but need help with ideas on the sides and front.
Vicinity of Grassy Hill Road in Orange
Two sections of pergolas in back of our clubhouse by pool to provide shade.
Vicinity of Birchwood Drive in Orange
I want a quote on extending my fence
Vicinity of Oakwood Rd in Orange
Backyard fence price quote
Vicinity of Wolcott Lane in Orange
Hi, I am looking to schedule an on-site appointment to discuss our fence needs. Thank you.
Vicinity of Juniper Drive in Orange
I need to fence in the back yard with a 6ft white vinyl . do you still have the sale $88 a section
Vicinity of Prudden Lane in Orange
Safe place to let dog out
Vicinity of Drummond Road in Orange
Many years ago you installed a beautiful fence enclosing our yatd. We have never had a problem with it until this year when we had an inexperienced person mowing our lawn. Due to my health problems, I really paid no attention to the mowing but recently took a look at my beautiful fence and noticed many (25 +/-) slats had been hit, most likely with the lawn mower, that bent the slats. I know he didn't do this on purpose and I really don't want to do this to him, but I think he should pay for his damage. I am thinking of finding out how much the slats would be to replace, then I can figure out what to do. He did mow all summer and I just want to try to do the right thing and because of my health an having a hard time deciding how to handle this. If you could give me an idea how much the slats cost per slat I would greatly appreciate it. If there was any discount if you bought a certain amount of them, let me know about that also. Thank you so much.
Vicinity of N Greenbrier Dr in Orange
I would like to replace my existing three step wrought iron railings on the front of the house...3 steps... price for aluminum also....please give approximate price....thank you
Vicinity of Bishop Drive in Orange
Interested in a privacy fence, vinyl/composite. 6' behind my house.
Vicinity of Alling Rd in Orange
I am looking to fence in my entire backyard.....i would need approx 350 feet of fencing.....wood and 6 feet tall would be what i am looking to do...
Vicinity of Green Hill Rd in Orange
Looking to reinstall a fence in the back yard on the property line. Existing post holes are in place but they are a foot over the property line. Was neighbors fence. Looking for PVC along the back and some section running up the side yard by the back corner.
Vicinity of Cherry Hill Road in Orange
Fence for our dog in backyard.
Vicinity of Oakwood Road in Orange
3 post split or round fence for the rear of my backyard
Vicinity of Smith Far in Orange
Looking to put a vinyl fence along the perimieter of my backyard.

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