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Bruce Dr in Shelton
We are likely getting a 25 pound dog and would like to enclose the side (right side if facing house) of my yard and match it to my neighbor's fence (white scalloped picket fence). I believe it will require new posts and if so, would like to widen the entrance to roughly twice the previous width so that lawn equipment can enter and exit. We would also like to repair the chain link fence to the left of the house. We have most if not all of the necessary parts in the back to the left of the shed. We would like to get an itemized quote for both.
Cree Trail in Shelton
We are looking to get a fence installed on one side of our patio as there is a steep drop off. It will need to be installed into the existing stone wall there. We are interested in wood fences.
Far Mill St in Shelton
New fence placed part of yard
Oak Hill Lane in Shelton
Need a fence around our inground pool. After 32 years, they need us to put up a fence or we are not going to be re-insured.
Bayberry Lane in Shelton
We are looking for approximately 160 feet of black aluminum fencing around an in ground pool.
Perch Road in Shelton
Want an estimate to install a fence. Need suggestions on design, type and location. Cost estimate. Looking for expert guidance.. Email or call after 4 pm if possible and we can set up an appointment.
Theodore Rd in Shelton
White Oak Road in Shelton
Driveway entrance gate
West St. in Shelton
We would like to get an estimate for a few different types of back yard fencing. We are looking for white and would like an arbor gate as well. I have some pictures to show of some ideas for what we are interested in when you are on site.
William Street in Shelton
Looking to install a wood fence in our back yard. thank you
West St in Shelton
We have a rental property at this address, and the old fence is beginning to deteriorate. We would like a quote on fixing the fence.
Grove St in Shelton
4 foot pvc fence with three gates.
Ojibwa Trail in Shelton
Mulberry Lane in Shelton
I need to replace a cedar fence and gate with vinyl. I would appreciate a visit and estimate. Thank you.
Long Hill Avenue in Shelton
We have an existing chain link fence in the front and sides of our yard. We are looking to possibly get a chain link with a gate along the back of our yard and possibly a new fence in the front yard with a gate.
Fanny St in Shelton
I need 2 quotes, one for fencing on half my property that will provide privacy from 2 neighbors. The other would be fencing in my entire property.
Forest Parkway in Shelton
Repair of wooden fence that my trucks back up to & maybe wire fence that runs the back of the property
Richard Blvd in Shelton
Need gates on either side of house
Long Hill Ave in Shelton
Fence for the dog
Linda Lane in Shelton
Looking to add a fence for privacy and around a pool area
Summerfield Gardens in Shelton
Privacy fence off deck area
Long Hill Ave in Shelton
I would like to get estimation to replace my wooden fence. Would consider both options : wooden and vinyl . Thank tou
Ojibwa Rd in Shelton
Looking for an estimate for a wood fence
Cots in Shelton
I have about one acre. I need a wooden high fence installed and The ground is rooted and granite so help with this would be appreciated
Isinglass Road in Shelton
We'd like to install a privacy fence in our back yard.
Indian Well Road in Shelton
Have to fence in part of our yard for our dogs.
Long Hill Ave. in Shelton
I need to put a fence in my yard.
Thoreau Drive in Shelton
We wanted to get a quote on a new fence. We have a partial fence already and would like a similar style fence to complete the perimeter of our pool.
Honeybee Lane in Shelton
Interested in having a fence installed in back yard area for dog run length of house and approximately 15-20 feet wide
Coram Rd in Shelton
Looking to get a wooden fence replaced that was installed approx. 12 years ago by Orange Fence.
Thompson Street in Shelton
Remove rotten wood fence from around pool filter and replace - wood? vinyl?
Keron Dr in Shelton
Hello, today we were looking at the porch railings you have outside your shop. Do you do small jobs like that? Having concrete steps installed and would like vinyl railings added to them-If you could just email me back I would appreciate it. Thanks
Summit Ave in Shelton
I will be buying a new home and would like to install a 6 ft vinyl privacy fence asap for my pets. May main concern is to get an appointment scheduled in early on so I can install the fence asap once I am able to move into home. Home will be available to view and give quote June 9th. I would like to get fence installed that week if possible. Fencing for .10 acre. Thank You.
Mayflower Lane in Shelton
I have a perimeter pool fence that I would like to make some modifications to.
Shelview Dr in Shelton
I would like the back yard in enclosed with a 6ft white fence and the pool fenced replaced.
Coram Road in Shelton
Have existing fencing that I am not sure if they belong to me. Looking to figure out if I do belong to me and am looking to enclose my back yard for privacy and for my puppy/dog to be able to be out in without worrying of escaping and getting lose. On a budget, interested in pressure treated wood fencing.
Tory Lane in Shelton
We would like an estimate on a PVC fence across approx. 140 feet.
Broc Ter Ext in Shelton
Im looking for a quote on approx. 175' fence installed
Wopowog Trl in Shelton
I would like to fix my fence ,please give me free estimate . thank you.
Deer Run Lane in Shelton
We are looking to install a fence in our back yard and possibly a short area connecting to the house with a gate. We are looking for pricing of different style fences and installation cost.

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