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East Ridge Road in Stamford
We need a small 4-5 ft fence round a Bilco to prevent children getting in. It needs to be black tubing with a small double gate to give access to the cellar. Speed is important as we need it fitted next week. Please give us a price asap please.
Fairfield Ave in Stamford
Need to redo about 12-15 ft of white vinyl fence.
Avery St in Stamford
Baxter Ave in Stamford
We are looking to replace existing wood and chain link fencing around our property.
Cowing Place in Stamford
Installing a pool this spring and need to replace a section of my current white cedar french gothic picket fence with a new fence that meets pool code 48" high, 1 1/2" picket spacing). section of fencing is approximately 33' long, plus a 4' gate. Also require five matching gothic top posts. what is ballpark for materials vs. complete install? thanks!
Shadow Ridge Rd in Stamford
I have an existing wood fence would like to replace with vinyl fencing. approximate 170 linear feet.
Warwick Lane in Stamford
I have a really small dog and would like to create fenced area for her. Wonder price difference between fencing entire back yard (total propert 1/4 acre) vs 16-20 foot square. Can be short - 3-4 feet. Would like low maintenance. Would need 1 - 2 gates. Just looking for rough idea of costs for planning.
Washington Blvd., in Stamford
We are looking for a horizontal fence, similar to the Home Depot Veranda style that has small spaces between the panels. Here is a link of what we like: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/76/f7/68/76f7683d68a3efc535868d00838b919a.jpg Do you have something like that and what is it called, and would it come in grey?
Eagle Dr in Stamford
Existing long chain link fence damaged due to high wind area.
Stone Wall Dr in Stamford
Replacing an old fence, about 19 -20 panels
Bouton St. W in Stamford
Looking to purchase and install a @40' privacy fence (6' tall) along one straight and flat surface in my backyard. Considering either white vinyl or wood.
West Hill Rd in Stamford
I am looking to get a quote for a black metal fence around my yard to keep my dog contained and for a border for some shrubs that I am planting in the late spring. I want something maintenance free. Also, I would be interested in a electric gate for the front of my driveway. Please provide me with a quote.
Fairmont Avenue in Stamford
Hello, I am looking to install about 200 feet of vinyl fencing on my property. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you, Barbara
Dunn Ave in Stamford
Looking for more privacy and to keep dogs in the yard.
Erskine Rd in Stamford
I have 2 swinging gates that i want to put an automatic opener on. I believe they are aluminum and 4 feet each.
Merriman Road in Stamford
Looking to install a fence in the backyard to protect my dog
Washington Blvd. in Stamford
Looking for a Temp. Chain Fence for 2 or 3 city lots in Stamford CT note, email is best way of contact
Hubbard Ave in Stamford
Need privacy fence installed where we previously had bushes between neighboring property along the driveway.
Friars Lane in Stamford
We would like an automatic gate installed made of a synthetic material.
Field Street in Stamford
Replace ~50 ft of fence in my backyard. i want a vinyl fence.
Bouton Street East in Stamford
Replace fence along driveway,(120 feet), would like larger post to support fence better
Todd Lane in Stamford
Ivy Street in Stamford
Looking to enclose yard. Need approx. 40ft of fence to existing fence line.
Hartford Ave in Stamford
Looking for a pvc fence to run length of property line between me and neighbors
Windermere Lane in Stamford
We are looking to install a 6-foot privacy fence in taupe/beige along one side of the property. Total length is 230ft. I am after a quote with breakdown of materials versus labor.
McIntosh Road in Stamford
I'd like to get an estimate on an aluminum fence on a stone wall
Bouton St West in Stamford
I need pricing to replace app 30 ft of privacy wood fence that rotted out and I gate
Longview Ave in Stamford
Install 56 ft of 6ft tall pvc fence
Noble St in Stamford
Hi, i need to build 90' of white 6' tall privacy pvc solid fence. all the posts in concrete. and also i need a gate on the driveway(asphalt) of 5 high chain link black 11' wide Best Ulmis
Sterling Pl in Stamford
I want to install a fence on each side of my property. Thanks !
Dannell Dr in Stamford
We have an old stockade fence,wanted to get a price on new fence for back yard.
Newfield Ave in Stamford
Asking for an estimate on a chain link fence with privacy slats. White is preferred, but not necessary. Length is 200 to 1,000 feet. Commercial property. Thank you, Jennifer
Milton St in Stamford
Approx. 120 linear feet of 3' high pvc deck railing needed
Davenport Dr in Stamford
Need 100ft 0f four foot high plastic fence to match fence put in by Jerry rapport by you. also need a gate to match neighbor. I am a builder-this is for my own home need it asap for C.O.
Pepper Ridge Road in Stamford
Fence around pool area.
Boulder Brook Drive in Stamford
We would like to fence in part of the yard to keep our 2 small dogs from the street. We do not want privacy fencing, some will be deer fencing.
Vine Rd in Stamford
Privacy fence
Waterbury Avenue in Stamford
Currently have a stockade fence which lines the side borders of my property, portion in dog run needs repair Noticed that several of the individual planks are loose. Nancy
Vanech Dr in Stamford
I have an existing fence that I'd like to replace if I can find something that meets my needs.

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